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About us

From the heart of Apulia, we produce traditional food exporting it in the world. In this project, we put our technical knowledge and passion for our region. Our core products are Tarallanti, a traditional snack and Mastromandorlo, an almond cake. All of our products like pasta and calzone or focaccia are hand-made with regional ingredients. They are ready to eat. It would be a good idea to try them. Our interest towards foreign countries pushed us to reimagine our products, even with different tastes from the well known; from this starts the research for spices, that now are also on sale in our store. The research continues with innovative packaging methods that allows longer products shelflife.

Tarallanti - Scaldatelli Turnip Tops

Turnip Top is a common vegetable growing in Apulia. They are served with pasta or to garnish pizza. Children hate them because they are green but they eat them if they are hidden in the food. So our Tarallanti are a good place to hide veggies. For this reason, Tarallanti with Turnip Tops turn to be a healthy but tasty snack for children containing good carbs and vitamins. They can be eaten as a snack during school or after sport.

Mastromandorlo - Almond Pudding

The Mastromandorlo or Mandorlaccio is a pudding shaped cake made of ground almonds, honey and orange zest. Covered by white chocolate and other almonds, this cake is tipically consumed at Christmas. The other ingredients are eggs, sugar, butter, drops of orange liqueur and vanilla.

This particular dessert is completely hand-made with no additives or preservatives.

Thanks to the delicate taste of honey, the Mastromandorlo, could be served with a sweet wine or prosecco. Alternatively, it can be served with hot drinks such as black tea or coffee.

Turmeric extra quality

Turmeric is a powerful spice with an impressive list of uses and benefits. It’s known for its antioxidant content and ability to work as an anti-inflammatory. This common culinary spice is prized in many cuisines around the world and with good reason.

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