Tarallanti - Scaldatelli Pizzaiola - Italians Traditional Temptations

Tarallanti - Scaldatelli Pizzaiola

Weight: 250 gr.

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Sun-dried Tomatoes are a traditional delicatessen from Apulia. It takes a long time to make them because you need to let fresh tomatoes, spread with salt, dry under the Summer sunshine. After they dried, they are preserved in extra virgin olive oil. It is an activity that old generations used to do during the long hot Italian Summer. Tarallanti with sun-dried tomatoes are perfect to remind of past Summer evenings with friends and to think about new ones. Usually, they could be served with any drink.

  • Flour 00
  • Salt
  • 25% Extra Virgin Oil
  • Water
  • White Wine
  • Sun-Dried Tomatoes