Tarallanti - Scaldatelli Turnip Tops - Italians Traditional Temptations

Tarallanti - Scaldatelli Turnip Tops

Weight: 250 gr.

Price: 2.70 € (VAT excluded )

Availability: 100

Turnip Top is a common vegetable growing in Apulia. They are served with pasta or to garnish pizza. Children hate them because they are green but they eat them if they are hidden in the food. So our Tarallanti are a good place to hide veggies. For this reason, Tarallanti with Turnip Tops turn to be a healthy but tasty snack for children containing good carbs and vitamins. They can be eaten as a snack during school or after sport.

  • Flour 00
  • Salt
  • 25% Extra Virgin Oil
  • Water
  • White Wine
  • Turninp Tops