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Tarallucc –io(Singular)

Tarallucc –i(Plural)

Tarallucci. What are they?

Tarallucci (or taralli) are a traditional bread substitute from Apulia, a region in South Italy. Since Ancient Greeks, the old recipe has been used, changed but also handed down through the time. Today, Tarallucci are an organic and tasty snack; a “must” during the Italian Aperitivo (pre-dinner or brunch). The traditional recipe that we use is simple but versatile: we can bake Tarallucci in different flavours adding new ones to sutisfy everyone. We are pleased to present a new idea of snack for any kind of break. Healthy and organic, Tarallucci are the results of Tradition and Innovation: old recipe, but new flavours. Thus, we would like to bring among people traditonal food helping them to feel our passion for history.

How do you make them?

Since Tarallucci are a traditional product, the recipe has simple ingredients. Flour 00, Salt, Extra virgin Olive Oil, White Wine and the spices that you like. In particular, olive oil and white wine give the dough perfect scent and softness making it easy to shape and then bake. Before baking, all Tarallucci are boiled for 20-30 seconds in boiling water. After, they are baked in the oven in fan mode at 160° C - 170° C for 45 minutes. The confectionary is also simple: plastic transparent bags allowing people to see the inside. Taralluci are also easy to store since you only need a cool and dry place. Baking Tarallucci is our job and we love it.

curcuma curcuma

i Tarallanti - Scaldatelli alla Curcuma

1.90€ - 150g

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Tarallanti Fennel Seeds Tarallanti Fennel Seeds

i Tarallanti - Scaldatelli Fennel Seeds 300gr

3.90€ - 300g

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integrali integrali

i Tarallanti - Scaldatelli integrali

2.00€ - 150g

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