Import - export of spices

Yes Italians Traditional Temptations is also this; with the same care used to make our products, we select the best quality of spices on the international market.


Spices, do you know what they are?

Spices are usually substances derived from some varieties of aromatic plants, mostly from tropical countries. Of these, different parts are used according to the type of spice to be obtained; bark (for cinnamon), roots (for ginger), floral buds (for cloves, and zaff were), seeds (for sesame and mustard), berries (for black pepper), fruits (for pimento and paprika)

Many of these substances also have other uses, for example for the preservation of food, in religious rituals, cosmetics or parfurms. For example, turmeric is also used in Ayurveda; licorice has medicinal properties; garlic is used as a vegetable in the kitchen.

Where do they come from?

The spices sold in our store come from selected suppliers in Egypt, Turkey, India and Brazil.