Italian Pumpkin Coinfiture - Italians Traditional Temptations
Italian Pumpkin Coinfiture

Italian Pumpkin Coinfiture

29 November 2017 Food and Recipes

Here is the recipe of a traditional coinfiture made in Southern Italy. The main ingredient is the pumpkin, which is very popular during the Winter at the markets. For all those that love the pumkin this is another way to enjoy it. Ity is very easy to make and you could use it to bake pies and tarts.


  • 1Kg of pumpkin;
  • 500gr of caster sugar;
  • 200gr of honey;
  • 100gr of raisins;
  • 150gr of almonds;
  • The skin of two oranges;
  • 2 walnuts.

Method. Take of the skin and all the seeds from the pumpkin and then chop it into many cubes. After, cook the pumpkin slowly in a saucepan, adding some water. Cove the pumkin with a lid. Once it is cooket and soft, put the pumpkin in a food processor and activate it, adding one by one all the other ingredients. At the end, put the mix in the sucepan again and cook it slowly untill it reaches the density that you would like.