Olive oil…IN or OUT? Find out why you should include olive oil in your daily diet.

Olive oil…IN or OUT? Find out why you should include olive oil in your daily diet.

22 November 2017 Food and Recipes

Olive oil is a vegetable fat. “Fat” is not word we usually like, since it gives a negative idea because it reminds of junk food full of sugar.

The olive oil, though, is a monounsaturated fat which thanks to its molecular structure does not allow the breakdown of the triglycedes, even when it reaches high temperature. For these reason, inItaly it is common to use olive oil to fry food.

It is a very good fat, if we consider its propeties against cardio vascular deseases or against cholesterol.

In addition, olive oil is neccessary for children during their growths, for the myelinization of their brains and for their bones.

Finelly, olive oil is good for the digestion and for the liver.

All these properties are due to the origin of the olive oil obtained from squeezing the fruits. This process allows it to mantain all the characteristics of the olives particularly some antioxidants called polyphenols. They have many properties for example to prevent tumors or cancer.

Polyphenols have a spicy taste, in fact, if you happen to taste an olive oil a little bit spicy, do not worry, it means it has a lot of polyphenols and it is extra virgin. In South Italy, there is a typology of olive called coratina from which they obtain a very spicy and high quality extra-virgin olive oil.

Finally, we should say that olive oil must be included in our daily diets even if it is good to remind that we need to measure its consumption. Usually, a couple of spoons per day is a good average for an adult.